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TENCHU - Shadow Assassins WII WBFS-NTSC




Released in Japan on November 4, 2009, and in North America on April 28, 2010, in Australia on May 25, 2010, and in Europe on May 30, 2010, it is the fifth and final installment in the Tenchu series and the final game developed by Acquire. The game focuses on the actions of ghost ninja (Kensei, or shinobi) who are tasked with stopping a larger group of yakuza known as The Ten Rings, a criminal organization modeled after the Yakuza. The Ten Rings have taken over the city and are terrorizing the citizens, along with their boss Akira Yagami. The ninja must infiltrate the Ten Rings as they try to stop a large scale massacre that Yagami is planning to take place. The game includes a total of seven ninja-level missions where the players must explore and solve puzzles in order to defeat the groups of enemies. In addition to the core stealth-based gameplay, the game includes a co-op mode and eight additional missions that expand on the storyline. The player may interact with civilians to seek information, and can use an Amulet of Genocide to obtain the power of the Ten Rings. The game has a Japanese-style theme with anime-style graphics, and has been widely praised by both critics and players. Gameplay Tenchu: Shadow Assassins is a stealth game set in the town of Hong Kong and in a fictional version of Macau. In the story, the player controls either Kensei, a ghost ninja who is banished from their world in a similar way to how Rayman was banished, or Kozou, a regular ninja who has been turned into a ghost ninja by accident. The characters differ slightly in each of the game's different modes, but otherwise play the same. The game is played from a third-person perspective, where the characters can perform basic actions such as jumping, dashing, climbing, and climbing up to a specific point. The player may switch to a first-person perspective by pressing the Wii Remote button. In addition, the Wii Remote controls camera movements and can also be used to disarm traps. The game has a number of gadgets that the characters may use to facilitate gameplay; some, such as the motion detector, will alert an enemy if it is switched on, and others, such as the smoke bombs, will cause enemies to lose their footing or confuse them. The game includes a variety of weapons and other items, such as knives, shuriken,




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TENCHU - Shadow Assassins WII WBFS-NTSC
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