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Gta 4 Windows Live Is Asking For Serial Key




exe file anywhere in my system . I tried to reinstall the game,but it didnt work. I tried uninstalling the game,but it didnt work. I even tried it with another PC and it gave me the same error. How do i get this game to run? A: Product Keys are only valid for a specific product, Windows live should have sent you one. In the example above, the product ID was 500. This is your product ID, and you can find it in the About dialog of Windows Explorer. Product Keys are only valid for specific products. According to the Steam forums a few people had the same problem. It's basically a bug with Windows Live (or maybe with Steam) which is causing this problem. The solution given by @markh suggested in the Steam forums: " Windows Live ID has to be associated with the same game account as your Steam account and your PC. This is true of all Windows Live services. If you have multiple accounts on your PC, you can use Winamp, or another program to associate Windows Live to just one account. Click the Windows Live icon, then the Edit button (and select'my identities'), then click the 'edit' button on the game. This should associate your account. It's worth to try if it works or not. I also changed my account with Windows Live and was able to run the game. I had the same problem: I used a Windows Live ID to activate the game. I couldn't use the same Windows Live ID to play the game. After trying a lot of things (reinstalling, uninstalling, activating a new account) I decided to: Remove my Windows Live ID Reinstall my Windows Live ID (again) Play the game And then it worked! Important: Make sure to uninstall the game after you have removed your Windows Live ID. Overview Description A great designer accessory, this cool ball-point pen is a conversation piece at any writing, signing or presentation. The pocket sized, sleek design is a great match with any casual, corporate or office wardrobe. * Please note that ALL INQUIRIES/ORDERS MUST BE PLAC



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Gta 4 Windows Live Is Asking For Serial Key
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